Heal yourself with Assessments

  • We have online as well as written tests to understand the strengths, weakness and true nature of an individual. On the basis of these tests we provide you with a personalized report for yourself to "know yourself better".
  • This tools can be used for personal evaluation & career guidance as well as by organizations to gage the sincerity and commitment of their employee.
  • The different types of tests that we undertake are:-
Blockage Survey
"Blockage" can be defined as a factor that inhibits the potential and output of a system", eg a total organization , a work team or an individual .

All managers have the potential to develop and to expand their effectiveness , but for many reasons , some apparent, others lost in the mists of time , they have areas of underdeveloped competence. These have been labeled as “ blockages”.

The fastest and the most economical way to bring about rapid self-development is to explore , understand , and overcome blockages that are inhibiting one’s success and personal growth.

The blockage concept offers management a lucid and comprehensive process for auditing current capability and for finding concrete ways of developing personal and professional competence.

Managerial Grid
Get to Know what Kind of a Managerial style is in you and how it affects others.

Lead Survey : A tool to measure Leadership Behaviour based on leadership effectiveness and adaptability description .

General Ability – Level 1
This test include a mix of aptitude questions, which are of the same type as found in aptitude tests used during employers' applicant screening.
Conflict Management
A test to measure behavior in conflict situation. A Conflict situation is a situation in which the concern of two people appear to be incompatible. In such a situation we can describe a person’s behavior along 2 basic dimensions - Assertiveness and Co-operativeness.
Selling Style Test
A test to measure a salesman’s Sales Ability on 9 Dimensions.
Selling Style Senior Supervisor
A test to measure a Sales Supervisor;s ability on 9 Dimensions.The Dimensions are :- Technique Orientation, Creative Solution Orientation, Routine Orientation, Customer Orientation, Product Orientation, Solution Orientation, Company Oriented, Loyalty – Relationship, Company – Product Orientation.
Team Effectiveness
A test to measure team Effectiveness on 9 Dimensions such as – Objectives , Goals, Openness, Support, Trust, Co-operation, Conflicts, Leadership, Procedures.etc
Burnout Inventory
A test to measure Stress levels at work on the basis of individual perception on Job, Organization, on Supervisor.
Stress/ Social Readjustment
A series of 10 tests mapping personal stress zones like Adaptability, frustration, overload, deprivation, nutrition, self- perception, anxiousness etc
Supervisory Aptitude Test
A test to analyze the qualities which attributes to successful managing
Life Positions
Life positions are basic beliefs about self and others, which are used to justify decisions and behavior. There are basically four life positions:
"I'm OK, You're OK" (I+U+) – Good Life position;
"I'm not- OK, You're OK" (I-U+) – Depressive position;
"I'm OK, You're not-OK" (I+U-) – Paranoid position; and
"I'm not- OK, You're not-OK" (IU-) – Futile position.
This is a test to know your own positionEgo States. To best understand issues you face in interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships you need to know which ego state you function from. So what is the consistent pattern of feeling and experience that is directly related to your consistent pattern of behavior?
Organization Climate
Understand your Organizational Climate and culture, which will reflect what are comfort and discomfort of your employees and staff of Age Group – 18 +


  • You get to Know Yourself rather than believing other peoples judgments’ and assumptions and get your true confidence.
  • You get to appreciate yourself for your strengths and work on your weaknesses
  • You get to assess which career is suitable for you
  • You get a psychological boost and realization to play your strength characteristics and have a win-win life, and begin creating win-win situation.
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