The mind is a 'black box', the more we understand, the more we rediscover over selves.

Our iChange Workshop module will enable you to access your subconscious mind and help you understand your current Belief Pattern, make healthy life choice and offer you a new script to Rationally manage your Thoughts, Behaviour and Emotions.

Overview Of the Content

Ever wondered what drives one to 'react'? What is the 'source' of one’s reaction? Why one 'chooses' to react the way they do?
Is there a healthier way to change how one can 'respond'?

What features can you expect from the session?

Understanding source of your Emotions.
Knowing your 'unknown' self.
Explore healthy techniques to 'respond'.
Awareness to 'choose' and 'do' what is holistically best for your evolvement.
Explore opportunities to 'self advancement'.

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A complete, wholesome, integrated change in the basic ways of thinking, communicating and attracting success, right relationships, money and success.

  • Self Management: iChange; seek the result you desire in your life.
  • Work life: Effective Leadership and Motivational Coaching Skills.
  • Family Life: Healthy relation with Self and others.
  • Social Life: Build Strong Network to promote yourself.
  • Fun Life: Add amusement and awaken the child within you.
Learn the art of change for self betterment, Join us Now.

Costing And Training Available:

This is a complete package for life changing course and does not breakdown to module wise costing.

Package Cost -
Call 8104754421 or Email-[email protected] For Best Rates
Total Duration - 5 Weeks

Batch Schedule : 10thof every month

(*All our prices are inclusive GST.)


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