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Human resource is one of the most important resources that every organization considers an asset. The better human resource an organization has, the better it performs.
The perfect HR Manager is a person uniquely talented with natural skills of handling all types of employees, managements as well as themselves.
Any academic certification educates HR about the various theories and probabilities however with DNAA we train HR from the grass roots of practicality, what actually works and the various possibilities of implementing HR theory in reality the Indian way.
DNAA assures that your HR certification may get you your job, but our training helps you excel and grow within any Organization.

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We train in:

  • Competency Management
    Process of collecting competency and skills mapping, testing competency within departments, and Tracking formats.
  • Recruitment
    Using of Portals, Sourcing of candidates, Taking telephonic rounds, Taking the personal first round, handling technical rounds, and reporting the management.
  • Employee Engagement
    Behaviour Mapping of HR with colleagues, engagement of employees within the organization with a budget as well as without, understanding and aligning organization vision with co-workers.
  • Payroll
    What is payroll of industries and How to work on payroll and calculate it manually or through software. Statutory understandings, Calculations and Leave Management. And how to design Compensation packages.
  • Record Management
    How to manage all HR confidential records and registers as per ISO, presentation during Audits and to seniors and management.
  • Training
    How to create, collect and prepare training records, mapping the training schedules and subsequent maintenance of training records as well as trainer feedback and trainer database.
  • Employee Retention & Rewards Management
    Creating and managing ROI for employees in co-relation to industry requirement as well as expectation.

Costing And Training Available:

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-Duration : 3 Weeks - 2days/ Week - 6 hour schedule

Fast Track Program of one straight week available on request for minimum batch strength of 15 Members.

Batch Schedule : 7thof every month

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And much more……like Email Etiquettes, Grooming Etiquettes, drafting policies. We offer all types of letter formats and reporting formats and after the course we offer online assistance for all our students for a year

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