Face Reading

Everything You Need to Know about A Person, by looking just Once

Let’s keep this a secret! Your friends are now going to envy you.

Why ?

Well Because you are going to see through intentions and personality of any person standing in front of you or even through their face profile. Learn from us a fun way of learning to face read and get to know more about a person’s characteristics, than you ever could.

You can now know if you are speaking to a prospective traitor or friend or partner, just by observing a person’s face.
Observe your own face and check your fate: past, present, and future. Yes , It is possible to actually see how a person’s life will turn out – starting from their childhood until their transition – just by reading the face!
You can also do a face reading to reveal the state of your health. This however is a higher interpretation but right now we are offering you a short program Know your Face and of course, others face better.
This is the best time to add this skill-set in your portfolio for assessing, selecting and partnering with people and attract Success in Real Time.


  • Become A People Person
  • See Strengths & Weaknesses, Hidden To Everyone Else
  • Navigate Emotional Minefields
  • Get The Best People On Your Side
  • Avoid Fraud
  • Detect Insincerity When The Chips Are Down
  • No Conflict
  • Delegate With Certainty

9 Modules of Face Reading

  • Module1 : Different shapes of face
  • Module2 : Hair
  • Module3 : Eyes(Categorization based on types)
  • Module4 : Cheeks
  • Module5 : Horizontal divison of face
  • Module6 : Beard, Neck, Throat
  • Module7 : Character identification, Regions of Head
  • Module8 : Ears, Nose
  • Module9 : Teeth, Tongue, Philtrum
Lumsum Costing

For All 9 Modules :
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Module wise Costing

Per Module :
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